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Allergen Information

New Allergen Information, courtesy of the European Union!

From December 14th 2014, the way that allergens are displayed on packaging will be changing. Instead of the general allergen declaration that you would find currently, you will now need to search through ingredients to find the allergens, which will be displayed in bold type (probably!).

In theory, if you’re in a restaurant then allergens should be displayed on the menu. However, there is a card you can download here which the chef is supposed to fill in for you, upon request, with potential allergens for the meal you’ve just ordered (because they have so much spare time!).

On longer life products such as tinned and frozen foods, it may take up to 12 months before you see a change in the packaging because of the products already in circulation, but by December 2016 all food products will be required to have this nutritional information clearly displayed.

In our opinion, the original legislation was perfectly adequate as you simply looked for the allergen section on product packaging.

If you would like specific allergen advice on our products, this information is available beneath each flavour on our products page.

If you’d like to find out more about the new allergens legislation, please click here.