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Our Favourite Summer Selfies!

We’ve had some superb selfies sent to us this summer – we hope you all enjoyed your time in the Lakes, not to mention the delicious ice-creams. Having received scores of photos, we’ve included some of our favourites below. Our thanks to everyone who took part!

“So, do I enjoy this slowly or just shove it in?”
“Sorry mum, I’ve got to eat this before it melts!”
Good to see the whole family enjoying an English Lakes
We know, it’s surprisingly delicious!
An impressive tongue, but the ice cream wins!
Well done for managing to get some sunshine in the photo!
“Try this Mum, it’s tasty”
Someone couldn’t wait to start eating
Thumbs up to you too!
Maybe we need to bring out a range for pooches?
Try move the cone to the left slightly!
A rewarding treat after a work-out?
Working hard? Or eating ice cream?
There’s something on your chin!
Clearly excited to start eating!
It’s hard to get the bits at the bottom, unless you have a furry friend to help out
Hopefully the car is parked!