Allergen update

With all the recent buzz about allergens, we thought it would be a good time to let you know exactly how we manage allergens on site here at English Lakes Ice Cream.

First things first; we work with four allergens on site: milk (butter, cream and milk), nuts, oats and meringue (egg).

Apart from our sorbets, milk and its derivatives are in all of our products and a full and thorough clean is carried out before we pack our sorbet.

Nuts, oats and meringue are kept in colour coded bins with their own coded scoops and when we use one of these in our ice cream, we try to ensure this is the last product of the day. This way we can have a full clean down afterwards (instead of the rinse through we would do during the course of the day) to minimise the risk of cross contamination.

If for any reason we do have to use an allergen in the middle of a day’s production, we carry out a full end of day clean before mixing and packing the next product, to reduce any potential risk of contamination.

So whilst we can’t guarantee no cross contamination we do everything we can to minimise any risk!

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