Double Jersey Cream

Jersey Cream Vs Double Cream

Cream is an essential part of our recipe book here at English Lakes Ice Cream, so it has always been really, really important that we select the right one. Essentially creams are all very similar – the layer of butterfat skimmed from the cows milk – creamy and thick and delicious! In fact, I’m sure that at one point or another (usually in the throws of panic-shopping for a dinner party or Christmas dinner) we’ve all found ourselves staring at the stacks of various creams in the supermarket aisle, wondering how there can possibly be so many different versions of this one simple thing and which one is the right one for our recipe; single, double, whipping, sour, extra-thick, clotted… the list goes on. 

Certainly, some of these creams can taste pretty similar and sure, we could use ordinary double cream in our Natural Ice Cream recipe, but the distinct difference between double cream and jersey cream is something we rely on here at English Lakes to make our Double Jersey so deliciously natural and scrummy.

So why does jersey cream beat dowdy old double every time here at ELIC?

Well, unlike double cream, Jersey cream is produced by jersey cows, originally bred on the island of Jersey in the English Channel. They are much smaller (and friendlier!) than other breeds, and their milk is much more deliciously creamy than that of other breeds, in turn making our ice cream equally delicious and creamy.

Not only does it taste different, but it really is different; in fact, its butterfat content is much higher than other milk (this is the good stuff that makes the cream taste so… creamy!) it is 18% higher in protein and 20% higher in calcium, with high levels of vitamins A and D (more good stuff!).

That’s right! So why would we choose anything less than this gold-star ingredient for our super-creamy, super-dreamy Double Jersey Ice Cream?

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