Antonelli, Classy Cones!!

Most of our customers will already know that we make our own ice cream using locally sourced ingredients, but did you realise that our crisp and fresh tasting cones are also made in the UK. In fact they are also made in the North West of England just an hour or so down the motorway from Kendal. Our cones supplier, Antonelli, has been baking cones for over a hundred years (they must be ready by now!). Our relationship with the Antonellis goes back over 30 years when most people were only aware of the traditional wafer cone. In those days the choice of ice cream flavour and cone was much less varied.

As a family business we were keen to keep our ties with other family businesses in the industry. Antonelli is run by two brothers, Mark and David, who are the fourth generation in their family to run the business in Manchester. As demand for different cones has increased, the Antonellis have been pioneers in developing a modern range of cones. In fact they were the first UK manufacturer to produce both sugar and waffle cones and they remain the only bakery in the UK to make their own wafer, waffle and sugar cones in house.

Ice cream consumption is on the increase ( Hooray! ), as ice cream parlours once again become popular. With luxury ice cream come luxury ice cream cones and our sales of the crisp waffle and sugar cones increase every year, but we think that the good old wafer cone has some life in it!

We think we keep a cone for all tastes, from the faithful Sonny wafer cone and twin top to the deliciously crisp and crunchy Sugaco sugar cone or for the bigger appetite the Waffle cone. For those wanting that extra bit of indulgence both the sugar and waffle can come dipped in a chocolate coating.

Those Antonelli Brothers tell us that you are getting more demanding and the the luxury cone sales are going to keep on growing, as long as its English Lakes Ice Cream on them its ok by us!

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