Meet the team!!

This month we’d like to show you around English Lakes HQ and introduce you to the team!


Fran and I started the business together almost 20 years ago (clearly selfies are not our strong point!), and during that time all three of our children have worked in the business, until they decided to go and get proper jobs! They do, however, still insist on doing voluntary work as our ‘Tasting Consultants’!


Tom, our Production Manager (above) has been with us for 13 years. He runs our dairy and is responsible for mixing and making our delicious ice cream (and keeping our secret recipes secret!).

Idancrop                   craigcrop

Johnathan & Dan                                                                  Craig & John

Dan has been at English Lakes Ice Cream for 10 years now and Jonathan joined us recently! Craig  has been with us for 7 years, helped by John who is with us for the season. These are Tom’s ‘dairy dream team’, working away in the factory to make all of your favourite flavours of English Lakes Ice Cream …. Here they are filling tubs with scrummy double jersey and raspberry sorbet.


Many of you will have met this motley crew!

motley crew


Left to right Dave, Mark, Ron (standing) Simon (kneeling)

Mark, who has been with us for 9 years, is responsible for distribution and also works in our office, so you will probably have spoken to him on a number of occasions! Whilst you may have met Dave (he has been working at English Lakes Ice Cream for 18 years), you might not recognise him as he actually took his hat off for the photo! Ron, our resident gardener, has been with us 7 years and Simon, who’s favourite saying is ‘How can I soar like an eagle when I am surrounded by penguins!’, has been with us for 5 years (although it feels like longer…!).

So there they are, the brilliant bunch who are responsible for getting English Lakes Ice Cream from our factory to your freezer!

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