At English Lakes Ice Cream we have tried to be a “one stop shop” for all sorts of businesses who want to sell ice cream. As you will see in our products section we have a range of sizes and formats to suit most needs, whether it’s catering packs for pubs, restaurants or simply scooping.

Our 125ml tubs are great for display freezers in shops, theatres or cinemas and of course our distinctive 1 litre tubs are perfect for the home consumer.

We understand that each of our customers’ needs are individual and unique so we supply a range of branded items such as A-boards, flags and cone-holders, depending on what is right for you.

Our freezer deals are very popular (see below) and we are always available to give advice and support.

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We would love to discuss your interest in English Lakes Ice Cream and are happy to offer any advice or support you might need. Please fill in the information box on the right and we will get right back to you!

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Happy customers

We have been buying English Lakes Ice Cream from Peter and Fran for over 10 years. Its such a recognisable brand, people who know the product see the flag or A board and come in, it really sells itself! We have holidaymakers from all over the country who love their ice cream going home totally addicted to English Lakes!

Huttons Chocolates Bowness

We have always used English Lakes Ice Cream, its made locally and they have such a range of great flavours, but ultimately its all about the taste. You can close your eyes and really taste proper ice cream. If you’ve never had it before you really have to try it, honestly, you will be smitten!

Bosuns Locker Rampside

What’s important to me is that Peter and Fran have remained true to their values and core strengths. In an ideal world, we would make our own ice cream at the café. We don’t because English Lakes is so hard to beat.

First Floor Café, Lakeland Ltd

We stock English Lakes Ice Cream because its produced locally and uses local milk and cream supporting other local businesses. They have a great variety of flavours available in a range of sizes from single tubs upwards. Its really tasty and most important of all…our customers love it!!

Levens Store