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Great Taste Award Winners!

We are extremely proud to hold 7 Great Taste Award accolades over the last three years, which is a great testament to the superb quality and superior flavour of our luxury ice creams.

“It is fantastic to receive our Great Taste badges of honour which adds so much value to our business in terms of credibility, opening doors to new retailers and increasing brand awareness and sales!  Our whole team are thrilled to have the awards!”

Andrea King, Area Sales Manager, Lakes Ice Cream.


Double Jersey – 2 Star

Judges’ comments: “Beautiful snow white colour. Silky smooth, creamy consistency, not too sweet and real buttery quality. I can’t say much more than this is a shining example.”

Thunder & Lightning – 1 Star

Judges’ comments: “A good combination of dairy-rich ice cream, crunchy cinder toffee and ripples of sauce – we like texture and the cinder toffee has stayed crisp and also nicely chewy.”

Raspberry Pavlova – 1 Star

Judges’ comments: “A good milky ice cream with raspberry freshness rippled through and a smattering of meringue – we like the freshness of the fruit but we especially enjoyed the clean, creamy finish from the actual ice cream.”


Cherry and Mascarpone Gelato – 2 Star

Judges’ comment: “Beautifully rippled ice cream with a bright cherry fruity streak and lots of fruity aromas. The cherries add a burst of fruity sweetness and sourness with a long fruity finish. The fruity pieces are particularly delicious; they are plump, soft, perfectly sized and generously distributed. This ice cream melts in the mouth!”


Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding – 1 Star

Judges’ comments: “A really rich and satisfying combination of creamy ice cream and light date sponge, clever and fun. The fudgy flavours of the date are malty and honest and bring a perfect contrast to the sweetness. Notes of skin, stone and fruit are all evident, delivering a true sticky toffee pudding experience.”

Belgium Biscuit (Biscoff) – 1 Star

Judges’ comments: “A rich and indulgent looking ice cream with a very appealing caramel colour. Truly rich and creamy on the palate with indulgent dairy notes, the sweetness is spot on with hints of cooked caramel and a clear Biscoff taste. The velvety texture melts in the mouth to reveal the toasty, toffee flavours leaving a rather enjoyable biscuity finish. One judge described this as really good fun!”


Kendal Mint Cake – 1 Star

Judges’ comments: “Sophisticated looking and generous chunks of chocolate. The mint really comes through in the aroma and builds up the fresh chocolatey anticipation.”

What's New

Two Cumbrian Classics

What a combination! The new and very exciting Cartmel Sticky Toffee Ice Cream by English Lakes Ice Cream. What a treat.

What's New

The Cherry on top!

We are delighted to announce we have won ‘another’ prestigious 2 Star Great Taste Award for our delicious Mascarpone and Cherry Gelato.

In 2019 we were ecstatic to win our first Great Taste Awards for our extremely popular Double Jersey, Thunder & Lightning and Raspberry Pavlova. Winning again this year, given the extremely difficult times we have all been through is simply amazing.

I cannot thank our customers enough for their continued support and I am so proud of our staff, who have gone above and beyond, especially during the time when demand for our products soared.

They worked around the clock, seven days a week to keep our customers supplied with ice cream.

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