Based in Kendal, the team here at English Lakes Ice Cream has been producing quality ice cream for over 20 years with an unwavering ethos and aim at the heart of everything we do: to create a product of unquestionable quality and flavour, available to as many people as possible.

We have high expectations and with the discerning taste buds of our ever-ready children as our biggest critics, we have designed and developed a range of ice creams and sorbets that we are really proud of.

Our most popular collection, the Luxury range, includes the best-sellers Double Jersey, Thunder and Lightning, and Real Blackcurrant. This decadent range is based on a perfect balance of organic whole milk, real jersey or local double cream, rich butter and the finest quality fruits, whilst the natural flavours used in our Regular range offer a traditional, everyday alternative, without compromising on quality. Like our ice creams, the Sorbet range is made with natural ingredients and packed with refreshing, fruity flavours to produce a perfectly balanced, honest and distinctive taste.