Luxury Ice Cream

Pure Indulgence!  The ultimate in luxury ice cream, silky and smooth and packed full of flavour! Our luxury ice cream range is of the highest quality which includes our Great Taste Award winning ice creams, Double Jersey, Thunder & Lightning and Raspberry Pavlova. This decadent range is based on a perfect balance of local whole milk, real Jersey or local double cream, rich butter and the finest quality fruits and inclusions.

Most flavours are gluten free and free from artificial colouring and flavourings.

Our luxurious dairy banana ice cream with a sweet toffee ripple.
Great Taste One Star Award 2021
A local collaboration, bringing together 2 award winning local Cumbrian classics. Our rich and creamy dairy ice cream mixed with Cartmel's famous sticky toffee sauce and pudding crumb. Absolutely stunning!
Great Taste One Star Award 2022
Our award winning luxury dairy ice cream infused with authentic Kendal Mint Cake peppermint oil and dark chocolate chips. A traditional, famous Cumbrian classic.

Our creamy dairy ice cream swirled with the sweet and sour flavour of juicy cherries, a fresh and real fruit delight on the palette.

You either love or hate liquorice but this stunningly tasty creamy ice cream will surprise you, it brings back the taste and memories of childhood!

Our rich dairy ice cream mixed with both sweet and salty flavours, a true match made in heaven. 

Our creamy dairy ice cream mixed with small, sweet flakes of white chocolate and swirled with intensely fruity, fresh raspberry sauce.

Great Taste One Star Award 2021
Our rich dairy ice cream mixed with the famous caramelised Biscoff biscuit spread, irresistibly tasty, a real on-trend ice cream flavour!

A Christmas favourite! Made with real mince fruits, a drop of brandy and an oat crumble blended through our creamy, dairy ice cream, all it needs is a sprig of holly!

Our luxurious dairy ice cream with a natural ginger background flavour is peppered with real ginger pieces to give it warmth and a real ginger hit.

Our creamy dairy ice cream with a hint of vanilla, scattered with Oreo cookie pieces, delivering a really luxurious taste. The perfect indulgence for any cookie lover!

A take on a traditional, favourite English pudding, our apple crumble ice cream is made using Bramley apple puree which is swirled through our creamy dairy ice cream and finished with heaps of oat crumble!  Brings back memories of mum’s homemade Apple Crumble.

For a true taste of South Lakeland you must try our plum and damson ice cream. A delicious blend of plum and damson fruits which is swirled into our creamy dairy ice cream.  The Lake District in a bowl!

A real old favourite! A delicately minted dairy ice cream with a touch of natural colouring and scattered with Belgian chocolate.

Our deliciously creamy dairy ice cream infused with real vanilla and pod seeds from Madagascar.

Made with real coffee and then scatter with Belgian chocolate chips this ice cream is a coffee lovers dream, creamy and luxurious!

Our creamy dairy ice cream prepared with cocoa powder and swirled with a rich dark chocolate sauce.

A delicate toffee dairy ice cream with oodles of crunchy caramel pieces, toffee heaven!

Our dairy ice cream made with fresh milk and double cream and infused with the best rum that we can find! We then add plump, sweet Californian raisins (sorry not local, but you try producing raisins in Cumbria!) to complete this traditional favourite!
Made with our creamy dairy ice cream using fresh milk, cream and mixed with real strawberry juice for an intense fruity flavour, finished off with swirls of crushed strawberries.
Keeping it uncomplicated! Our dairy ice cream made with local milk and local double cream, marbled with blackcurrants and a tangy blackcurrant sauce. No need for added colour, or flavourings!

Made with our creamy dairy ice cream and pistachios and just a hint of natural colouring this is a popular old classic flavour.

Great Taste One Star Award 2019
This is one of our personal favourites and the Great Taste Award judges agreed, giving this stunner a 1 star award in 2019!  It is made using our luxury dairy ice cream, marbled with sweet raspberry fruits and scattered with real meringue.
Great Taste One Star Award 2019
When we first made this there was a thunderstorm going on over Kendal and it occurred to us that our new product looked the same! So this is our top selling product after Double Jersey, dairy ice cream, cinder toffee and chocolate sauce, enough said!
Great Taste Two Star Award 2019
Simply made with fresh whole milk, Jersey Double cream and butter. No flavourings, colourings, just a deeply creamy ice cream.